Hiring Plan - Team Cost Planning Tool by Luis Lomanov

Need a Hiring Plan with Detailed Cost Analysis?

Is your Investor, Boss or Funding Partner asking for a hiring plan?

Or maybe you need something that looks good for a presentation?

Your time is worth a lot - don't spend it on spreadsheets! 

Hiring Plan - Team Cost Planning Tool

This team cost planning tool will help you build your hiring plan in no time.

It will also prepopulate visually appealing graphs for use in presentations. 


Easy to Use

  • Quick & Easy variable inputs
  • Live Prepulated Graphs & Visuals
  • All calculations & formulas are dynamic and prepopulated
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Summaries
  • Personnel Summaries by Department


  • Contractor/Employee Classification
  • Payroll Tax Calculations
  • Payroll Benefits Calculations
  • Annual Salary Increases
  • Up to 6 Departments
  • 4 Years of Calculations with Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Summaries

Presentation Ready

  • 9 Dynamic Graphs
  • Quarterly Team Growth Graph
  • 4 Annual Headcount Graphs 
  • 4 Annual Team Cost Breakdown Graphs 
"I can build a spreadsheet on my own but why spend the time? I'd rather invest my time on higher value work and save hours of tinkering with formulas, tables, and graphs"

What's included?

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Hiring Plan & Team Cost Planning Tool
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