Components of a Perfect Fundraising Story

What makes a compelling & persuasive story when pitching a startup to investors? What's the secret sauce of pitching investors?

A Powerful Story

Creating a perfect story that Inspires and Excites investors to join you is key in being able to secure an investment for your startup business.

The story isn't everything, it needs to be backed up with facts & numbers, but without the story you will not get the time of day to pitch them.

The Story Makes Your Venture a Gift

The story  will permeate and carry through everything you show and do with the investors. The story wraps everything you provide the investors in a proverbial pretty bow and makes it all feel cohesive, while reducing the chances of investors saying no. 

Drafting a powerful story is an art, let's explore the components of this art here

The Weapon: Emotion

Your story needs to invoke emotion.

We are emotional beings. We respond well to information, but we surrender to emotion. We’re weak to it. Investors attention is hard to get and to increase the chances of securing investor funding, you need to lead with it. 
Emotion captures our attention. 

What To Include in the Story

Where You Started

Tell them how impressive or how humble your beginnings are 

No, it's not about geography, focus on the environment where the venture began

Why You Started

Everyone has ideas, why did you act on yours? 

It's ok if money is your why, so long as its a lot of it

Where You Are Going

Tell investors your vision. Make them see the spoils at the end of the journey and make them excited to walk the path with you

Emotions to Invoke


Make your investors angry with the current status quo

Make them upset that what you are proposing to do hasn’t existed before you

Doing so will prime the mental state for the next emotion


Excite investors about the solutions you are proposing

The contrast between anger (invoked first) and this opposing feeling creates a powerful mental impression


Make investors scared that if they don’t join you, they will lose 

Create the fear of missing out


  • Do the above in 3 PowerPoint slides with minimal text 
    • use visuals if needed 
  • Don’t be cheesy and do not use bullshit words like “change the world” and “revolutionary” or anything that sounds as cheesy 
  • Your job is to have them think these cheesy thoughts without saying the words

Sound tough? That’s why copywriting is an industry!