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CFO Principles is a training and content delivery platform focused on finance and operations. You'll find strategies, tools, and guidance to solve business problems.
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"Those who need me most can't afford me"

This is my effort to reduce or even remove the price barrier of getting help from a CFO who understands intricacies of building the financial foundations of a high growth business. 


You will find "learning type" content here.

This isn't general education. This content is solutions oriented. I've found that most entrepreneurs are too smart for "generic education", they need specific solutions.  


You will find articles with strategies,  "plug & play" templates to run calculations, examples to follow, and quick courses to take.

All designed to help you find answers and solve problems


This platform is for executives, entrepreneurs and founders that are building modern scalable businesses.

I specialize in high growth software businesses, so most of the content will naturally gravitate toward software companies, but a lot of the concepts, tools, and content is industry agnostic

How Is This Different?

There's a lot of content out there. Lots of it. Long educational type courses, blogs, videos, etc. are abundant. Some of it is great, but it's  not designed to solve a problem. It's designed to "educate".

 CFO Principles focuses on solutions, not education.

You'll get:
  • Strategies to consider
  • Tools to use 
  • Guidance to solve the problem 

Financial Projections - Made Quick & Easy - for Entrepreneurs with SaaS & Service Businesses

This course is for Entrepreneurs who are looking to simplify the projections building process. An easy "plug & play" tool is included

Cap Table & Equity Dilution Calculator: Calculating Impact of Convertible Notes & SAFEs

Fundraising: How Much to Raise

Too much funding results in excessive dilution. Reduce dilution by calculating exactly how much funding you need

The Book on Financial Systems & Processes

This book was written by Luis Lomanov to guide entrepreneurs through the fundamental concepts of building financial infrastructures

Employee Stock Option Plan Example

This is an example of an Employee Stock Option Plan. It's a legal document used to guide how employees can earn stock in the company

Hiring Plan - Team Cost Planning Tool

This team cost planning tool will help you plan and calculate your personnel costs  and prepopulate visually appealing graphs

Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) Example

This is an example of the Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE). It's a legal document used by startups to raise funding from investors.

Financial Model Template - Customized to SaaS Business - Investor & Operations Ready

This is an easy to use, yet powerful  cash flow model for SaaS businesses. 

Financial Reporting Quality Control Checklist

The best way to ensure against errors in financial statements is to have a quality control process. This tool will help the accounting team.

Convertible Note Example

This is an example of a Convertible Promissory Note. It's a legal document used by startups to raise funding from investors.

Analytics Driven Chart of Accounts for SaaS Company

Properly designed CoA will yield powerful analytics. It's designed specifically for SaaS companies and is superior to basic ones

Who's Luis?

Luis began his career as a CPA, working for midsize & large private equity funds, specializing in financial reporting & tax. 

Becoming tired of billions on paper that made no impact, he moved to help entrepreneurs. He saw the disarray of entrepreneurship and how his own profession has failed those who need it most: entrepreneurs. 

Now he serves as an outsourced Controller & CFO, specializes in building & operating financial infrastructures for high growth tech businesses.